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BANG (Building A New Generation)


BANG is the Youth Ministry of MTC that encourages youth to develop their own faith in God. Youth participate in trips and retreats, community service events, as well as organize Youth Sunday services- to worship God in their contemporary way.

See Minister Lillian Cook or Minister Margaret Lancaster to join.

Music Ministry


The MTC Music Ministry includes our renowned band, Worship Team, and Prayer & Praise Choir.


Our Worship Team brings old school Gospel through new school melodies, mixing various genres of music including jazz, alternative, and more with Gospel.

See Shawna Ortiz to join the Worship Team.

Our Prayer & Praise Choir- uplifts God through traditional hymns and familiar praise tunes for generations to enjoy

and sing along.

See Donna Hunter to join the Prayer & Praise Choir.

Women's Alliance


These phenomenal women of God have come together to assist in the maintenance of the church through cleaning, organizing yard sales, serving meals to the community, and more.

See Sister Donna Hunter to join.

if you would like to:

  • Assist with Children's Sunday School

  • Read Call-To-Worship or Scripture

  • Usher

  • Assist with church cleaning

  • Run media technology including: projector, video live stream, photography

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